Finding Your Way In

  • Reflecting- pauses and rescannings/ able vs. not so able… stimulates the growth of consciousness.
  • “Ask them”= How knowledge is made.
  • Ask students to participate with us, not as objects of study.
  • Agents of their own learning= reflection.
  • 1) The processes by which we know what we have accomplished and by which we know what we have.
  • 2) The products of these processes.
  • 1) Projection
  • 2) Retrospection
  • 3) Revision
  • The kind of thinking that consists in turning a subject over in the mind and giving it serious consideration.
  • Cannot learn or be taught to think- we learn HOW.
  • Reflection requires two kinds of thinking- scientific and spontaneous.
  • We learn to understand ourselves through explaining ourselves to others.
  • Balancing of self with others (reflection).
  • We learn to reflect as we learn to talk- in the company of others.
  • How to know which methods of teaching and learning are best.

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