Reflection 1

English 1020 thus far, in my opinion, possess flavors of my AP Composition class that I had in high school, but with an interesting twist.  It isn’t about the typical spelling, grammar, and sentence structure rules; we should have those engraved into our minds by this point.  It is about the why and the how of the writing process and writing influences, which I find to be far more interesting.  I take everything that I learn in everyday life and apply it to the many genres of my own world.  Each and every experience can be seen as a learning process.  I suppose that is why I had very little trouble in being able to proficiently reflect on the readings and ideas discussed in this class.

If you ask someone what comes to mind when they hear the words “about me”, it is almost guaranteed that most of the people asked will start blabbing out a list of similar qualities.  This list of attributes can be labeled as a genre convention.  When I was constructing my “about me”, I considered what aspects I could intertwine that would make my post the most user friendly and comprehensible to someone whom does not personally know me.  Instantly I started jotting down ideas.  I knew that I wanted my page to be personable, informative yet concise, and relatable.  I utilized some of the textual features that were brainstormed in class to produce this product.  Adding a picture of myself in my usual adornment of smile was a key aspect to me.  A smile says a great deal about a person, especially on first impressions in a new college class.  Next as a busy working college student, I know well enough that our kind has barely enough time as it is to read our assigned homework in classes; how are my classmates going to have the time to want to read my about me?  There was an easy answer to this question.  Blocking up a piece of writing into paragraphs is easy on the eyes and much more pleasant to read.  Next on the agenda.  Will it peak an interest?  An audience being able to relate and understand something that they read is much more likely to have the tendency of yawning half-way through.  Although it is just a bunch of words on a screen to them, those words make up who I am.  It is something that I hope would interest my audience.  This is where being informative yet concise comes in.  My favorite saying from my AP Composition class was “show, don’t tell”.  Ironically enough, I believe that phrase speaks for itself.  Illustrating your point is much more effective than regurgitating a million words and talking in circles in an attempt to explain something.

My key influences in this project were two main resources.  Reading other students’ blogs and receiving their feedback in class was one of the two.  From the experience of being my senior editor in chief in high school, I can wholeheartedly argue that two heads are better than one.  I hope that as students as writers progress, they will realize that having peers as a resource is astronomically valuable.  Bouncing ideas and suggestions off of others who are trying to accomplish the same goal as you will never hinder you.  The other key influence on my about me piece was the passage we read about reflection.  The main idea that stood out to me in the writing was the idea of knowledge is made by the teacher asking the student.  In other words, this goes hand-in-hand with the concept of using the resources of other’s ideas and suggestions.  With out a teacher giving a test, how is he or she supposed to know how their students are progressing?  The passage mentioned that students are not a subject of study, but they are to participate with the teacher.  This is an important statement.  Do note that the word “teacher” does not necessarily mean he or she is older or wiser than their students.  In fact, I am a student of many topics, yet I am also a teacher of others.  We can all learn from each other, and we can all teach each other.  I aspire to influence some of my peers  through my about me and future passages that I post in this class.  I also know that I will find others work to be inspiration as well.

Through project 1 I know that I have gained a better grasp on the concept of reflection.  As stated previously, I have always valued the concept of reflection and revision.  The learning process never ends, though.  I can say that I truly believe that I have approached this assignment differently than I have others in the past.  It is only the beginning of the semester, and I am thoroughly excited to explore all of my new writing and analytical thinking avenues.


5 thoughts on “Reflection 1

  1. I’m really excited about your point of view re: what you can offer your classmates and learn from them in the writing process. As you prepare for Project 4, work on being explicit about HOW you have made progress on the learning outcomes. Pull evidence from your writing to support your claim about progress on reflection.

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