Library Day

Firstly, a quick note on the Library website; I never knew about the Assignment Planner.  I think that is an awesome resource that I will be using for the rest of my time here at Wayne!

As far as articles go for my research, I found helpful articles for my I-Search paper right away on my first search.  When I write a paper, I usually tend to find two different flavors to the topic.  Although I may not state two different viewpoints in the paper, I like to read opposing texts to generate ideas for questions or inspirations for my topic.  In easier terms, I am researching how planning and goal setting is important as a manager in the work place.  One of the articles I found was disputing the idea of setting long term goals for the business.  All of my past experience and research has proved the opposite.  Even though the article I found that doesn’t support long-term goals for management, it can provide some awesome counter arguments and help me pose questions to continue on my own research path.  I think it is critical to keep an open mind and an open eye for a variety of viewpoints and be able to use both towards your writing.  That is what helps develop a writer and sharpen analyzing skills.


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