Reflection 2

Does it sound the way you want it to?

As I read through my paper, I can most definitely her my voice throughout it.  Although I may hear my own voice, the goal is for my reading audience to be able to hear it as well.  It would be silly of me to be able to say there aren’t things I would like to change in my paper.  I do se where my paper touches on what I know, why I am writing this, the search, and what I learned.  They also follow and order that is easily connected and understood.  With that being said, I do wish I had delved into a bit more detail about my interviews and even more about why I chose the people that I did.

A excerpt from Elbow’s writing that I found interesting was the mention of naturally skilled writers instinctively testing everything they write against their mouth and ears.  Since I can remember I always considered reading my work aloud as mandatory to get the best self and peer edits.  This exercise was nothing new to me and always provides progressive results.

Does something sound brilliant?  Strange?  Why?

I really enjoy creative writing.  I like using similes and metaphors, especially.  I feel that creative writing helps illustrate black and white lines into more colorful writing.  I ran across one sentence that sounded much better in my head, or as if I had lost the second half of thought to complete the sentence.  I do better when I make a loose outline for my papers, which I did not do for this one.  Not the best of ideas, but this proves that the rough outline does help my thought process a bit.

If something is not like you want it to be, what do you plan on doing about it?

I feel as if this paper lacks the “excellent” use of transition between time periods.  Instead of writing it as I went along with the research, I did all of the research and moves to gather the information for the paper, and then sat down and wrote it all in one fell swoop.  I regret doing that.

Does the essay sound like you?  Academic you/Informal you?

This paper sounds more like my informal side, which was strategically decided on.  The I-Search paper is more personal than the normal research paper, so I followed suit with a more personal type of writing.  Although it is still (for the most part, hopefully) grammatically correct with flavors of literal devices throughout, I made it more relatable instead of technical.  This decision was made purely for the understanding of genre and audience.  I personally link writing in first person to informal writing.

What was going on while you write your draft that might have influenced your writing?

Sigh.  I suppose I’ll be honest here.  I wrote my paper last minute; procrastination got the best of me.  It’s not that I dreaded writing it, I actually thoroughly enjoy writing.  I didn’t manage my time well enough juggling all of my responsibilities, and I own up to that.  So did the quality of my paper.

What other things are you thinking about or noticing while you read and hear your drafts?

Some of the things I’d like to edit/change in my paper:

  • More use of narrative for better illustration.
  • Write my paper as I did my research, not all at once at the end
  • Watch any words or sentence structures used too often

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