Reading Response 6

As I read the P, F, and H writing piece this week, I took notes looking forward to Project 3, while considering any changes I want to make for Project 2.  In fact, I didn’t have to read too far into the writing to get some good inspiration.  The scenario they set with the young boy who was mentored by the college-aged student is what gave me my ideas.  The boy wanting to “speak across boundaries” wasn’t as efficient  in just his own words because the meaning was not easily understood by the opposing discourse.  “In reality, our ability to understand and address complex social problems depends on expertise and experience that is often distributed across various culture, economic, and racial groups.”  This excerpt from the writing made me consider our edits on our Project 2 papers.  One edit was a self-edit when we read our papers aloud to ourselves to pick up on any grammatical hiccups with flow or any information we should add or take out.  Another edit we received was from our peers in class who are genuinely around the same level of education and all share a similar discourse of being a Wayne State student.  Different edits can be picked up from utilizing our peers as a source.  They may be able to catch things that the writer may not have.  Perhaps my paper wasn’t as explanatory as it could have been and there was a lack of understanding.  Since I have prior and researched knowledge on my I-Search paper, I may have skimmed past this crucial error.  Thirdly, we have our edit from our professor.  I would compare this to the boy in the story having the college-aged student as a mentor.  The older student had a different discourse and had a higher level of education.  Through these measures revision of our thoughts, the writer will receive help relaying his or her audience their message or tone efficiently and effectively.

Going through my Project 2 paper after both of my edits from my instructor and my peers I’ve realized there are a few holes in my writing where points do not connect as fluently as I’d like them too.  The sentences are grammatically smooth, but the full information could be a little more elaborated on.  Another good tip to keep in mind as I continue to write in this class and in other endeavors in life to write your paper remembering that you know a lot more than your reader.  Help illustrate your story with your audience in mind.


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