I am Kristin Holtz, which is an intricately woven web of potent primary and secondary discourses wrapped up into one concise name.  The place my heart and mind call home is with my liberal, loving, hilarious family of my mother, father, and 20 year old brother.  The four of us have always resided together in cities located in south-western Michigan.  I would describe us as a puzzle; we all equally contribute to one outstandingly impressive unit.  Although my brother and I are a first generation college students, my parents are plenty wise and extremely hard-working members of society.  I was raised with the mindset to love, laugh, learn, and succeed.  Between my irreplaceable family and marvelous friends, I have the best support system a 22 year old girl could dream for.

I have come a long way from my childhood when my mom read me enough books to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool, to holding the title of Editor in Chief for my high school’s yearbook and newspaper.  I thoroughly enjoyed my Journalism and AP English class, and I have always had a soft spot for writing and making it into an art.  I strongly encourage others to view writing as more than just spell-check, grammar, and sourcing.  One of my most cherished lessons is being able to understand that writing is the key to raw communication, enlightening inspiration, and vividly expressing yourself.  Sometimes, if you are lucky, it can lead to finding yourself.  I often metaphor writing as chicken soup for the soul.

As cliche as it sounds, music has such an undeniably profound impact on who I am.  If someone were to ask me where my favorite place on earth is, I would tell them that it is front row at my favorite band’s show.  Ears ringing, mind buzzing, screaming lyrics that I have adopted as my own life anthem, and feeling like I am in a different universe.  That is my definition of being on cloud 9.  The combination of how the music makes me feel and think and the people whom I have connected with truly makes my scene of music an entirely different world.

In current day, I am a full-time student majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Psychology and a part time worker in the Service field. These two paired together, along with how hectic life can be, keep my mind stuck on overdrive.  Good thing for me my mind works best while buzzing.  I love Criminal Justice and Psychology because they are two fields that you can never find a concrete answer to. The goal is not to reach a certain standard, but to keep growing in research and ideas. That is my favourite part. My goal this year is to entwine myself more with being a Wayne State University student, and less of a candle burning at both ends.  I am itching to make a point to pick a new direction and to make a new connection.


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